Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture

Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture
Préfecture du Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
Prefecture of Chad




Capital Faya-Largeau
17°55′N 19°07′E / 17.917°N 19.117°E / 17.917; 19.117Coordinates: 17°55′N 19°07′E / 17.917°N 19.117°E / 17.917; 19.117
Government Prefecture
Historical era Cold War
  Established[1] 13 February 1960
  End of French administration[2] 23 January 1965
  Libyan occupation 1973–1987
  Disestablished[1] 1 September 1999
  1960 530,000 km2 (204,634 sq mi)
  1993 600,350 km2 (231,796 sq mi)
  1960 51,472 
Density 0.1 /km2  (0.3 /sq mi)
  1993 73,185 
Density 0.1 /km2  (0.3 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions Sub-prefectures (1993)[3]
  • Borkou
  • Ennedi
  • Tibesti
Area and population source:[1]

Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Prefecture was the largest of the 14 prefectures of Chad between 1960 and 1999. It was transformed into Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region, one of the 18 regions into which the country has been divided since 2002. Its name is often abbreviated to BET.

Located in the north of Chad it was adjacent to Libya, while also bordering Niger and Sudan. Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti covered an area of 600,350 km², almost half of Chad's total area. It had a population of 73,185 (as of 1993), partly nomadic and also scattered small towns and other settlements. Its capital was Faya-Largeau.


Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti is located in the Sahara Desert and extends into the Sahel. Its diverse topography ranges from the volcanic Tibesti Mountains to the Bodélé Depression, a vast Holocene lake-bed that is one of the Earth's strongest dust storm producing regions. Overall, the territory is extremely arid.


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