Highest point
Elevation 1,509.5 m (4,952 ft)
Coordinates 48°56′28.2″N 19°05′22.2″E / 48.941167°N 19.089500°E / 48.941167; 19.089500Coordinates: 48°56′28.2″N 19°05′22.2″E / 48.941167°N 19.089500°E / 48.941167; 19.089500

Location in Slovakia

Location Martin, Žilina, Slovakia
Parent range Greater Fatra

Borišov is a mountain in the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,508.5 m (4,949.1 ft). Its summit is deforested, covered in grass. On the southern side there is one of the largest avalanche slopes in Slovakia. The Borišov National Nature Reserve protects a well-preserved primeval mountain forest on the northern side of the mountain.

In the saddle between Borišov and Ploská there is the year-round open Chata pod Borišovom (i.e. Chalet under Borišov).


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