This article is about archbishop of Gniezno. For a bishop of Kraków, see Jan Bodzanta.

Bodzanta or Bodzęta of Kosowice (Polish: Bodzęta z Kosowic) (1320–1388) of Szeliga coat of arms was an archbishop of Gniezno (1382–1388), Polish noble, governor of KrakówSandomierz lands (1350, 1357–1370, 1372–1379, 1381).

Supporter of Louis I of Hungary and the Angevin dynasty. After his death, he first supported an Angevin candidate for the throne of the Kingdom of Poland, and than, Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia. On 16 June 1383 he proclaimed Siemowit the king of Poland, but due to lack of support for Siemowit, he withdrew his support, embracing the idea of a Polish–Lithuanian union. On 15 February Bodzanta baptised Lithuanian Grand Duke Jogaila, who became the king Władysław II Jagiełło; on 18 February he presided over his marriage with Jadwiga of Poland, and on 4 March he crowned him the king of Poland.

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