Blyth Lifeboat Station

Blyth Lifeboat Station
RNLI Lifeboat station
Country UK
State Northumberland
Town Blyth
Location Blyth Lifeboat Station, Quayside, South Harbour, Blyth, Northumberland, UK
 - coordinates 51°25′51.24″N 0°19′33.24″W / 51.4309000°N 0.3259000°W / 51.4309000; -0.3259000Coordinates: 51°25′51.24″N 0°19′33.24″W / 51.4309000°N 0.3259000°W / 51.4309000; -0.3259000
Founded 1808
Owner Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Visitation Summer Months only
Blyth, Northumberland

Blyth Lifeboat Station is operated by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and currently operates a D Class (IB1) “Jennie B”.[1]

In 2007 the inshore lifeboat was launched on service 22 times, 11 people were rescued and £31,800 worth of craft were recovered.


A lifeboat had first been based at Blyth in 1808, privately sponsored by Sir Matthew Ridley. This boat was wrecked on service in 1810 and was not replaced. In 1826 the Port of Newcastle Shipwreck Association funded a new Blyth lifeboat and in 1866 the RNLI took over the running of the station. In 1920, for the station's first motor lifeboat, the RNLI built a new boathouse and slipway which, with modifications over the years, is still in use for the "D" class inflatable today. The various motor lifeboats over the years were slipway launched until October 1982 when a Waveney-class fast afloat boat was allocated to the station. The Waveney served until replaced by a new 25knot Trent-class boat in December 1995 (in fact, unusually, all of Blyth's motor lifeboats had been built new for the station). However, a review of lifeboat provision in the North East led to the decision to withdraw the all-weather lifeboat from Blyth, and the station became inshore only on July 16, 2004. Inevitably, decisions to close or downgrade stations often lead to local concerns and following the RNLI's decision the Blyth Volunteer Lifeboat Service was set up and purchased a 38-foot-6-inch Lochin lifeboat which had been built in 1990 for the Caister Volunteer Rescue Service (a body similarly set up after withdrawal of an RNLI all-weather boat). The boat, named Spirit of Blyth and Wansbeck, went into service in 2005


All-weather boats

Dates in service Class ON Op. No. Name Launches/Saved Comments
1921–1948 45ft Watson-class ON 654 Joseph Adlam 82/74
1948–1979 46ft 9in Watson-class ON 853 Winston Churchill (Civil Service No.8) 68/39
1979–1982 Rother-class ON 1054 37-36 Shoreline 9/1
1982–1995 Waveney-class ON 1079 44-022 The William and Jane 136/43 Last Waveney built
1995–2004 Trent-class ON 1204 14-06 Windsor Runner (Civil Service No. 42) 95/15

Inshore lifeboat

Dates in service Class Op. No. Name
1965 D-class (RFD PB16) D-51 unnamed
1966–1973 D-class (RFD PB16) D-53 unnamed
1973–1986 D-class (Zodiac III) D-210 unnamed
1986–1994 D-class (EA16) D-324 BBC Radio Newcastle II
1994–2003 D-class (EA16) D-464 Wren
2003–2012 D-class (IB1) D-606 Jennie B
2012–present D-class (IB1) D-746 Alan and Amy

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