Bluvertigo in 2008.
Background information
Origin Italy
Genres Alternative rock, rock, new wave, synthpop
Years active


2008 - present
Members Marco Castoldi
Andrea Fumagalli
Sergio Carnevale
Livio Magnini
Past members Marco Pancaldi

Bluvertigo is an Italian Alternative Rock band from the Milan metropolitan area. Originally formed in 1992 with the name "Golden Age", the band switched to the name Bluvertigo shortly before recording their first album. The founding members are Morgan (Marco Castoldi), Andy (Andrea Fumagalli) and Marco Pancaldi. Drummer Sergio Carnevale joined the band in 1994 while Pancaldi was replaced by Livio Magnini in 1996.

Bluvertigo's first album, Acidi e basi (Acids and Bases), was released in 1995. It was followed by Metallo non metallo (Metal Nonmetal) in 1997 and Zero in 1999. These first three albums were later called "la trilogia chimica" ("the chemical trilogy") because every title has a reference to chemistry and the initial letters (AB-MN-Z) are respectively the first, the central and the last ones of the alphabet. In 2001 Bluvertigo participated to the Sanremo Music Festival with L'Assenzio (The Power of Nothing). Following the release of the greatest hits album Pop Tools, the band went on hiatus for almost a decade. In 2008 they reunited for a live performance on MTV, an event later documented in the album 'MTV Storytellers (2008).

In 2003 Morgan released his first solo album: Le canzoni dell'appartamento.


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