Blueberry sauce

A blueberry sauce, prepared as a cheesecake topping

Blueberry sauce is a sauce prepared using blueberries as a primary ingredient.[1] It is typically prepared as a reduction, and used as a dessert sauce and savory sauce. It can also be used in the preparation of the blueberry Martini.


Fresh or frozen blueberries,[2] and sometimes wild blueberries are used.[3] The sauce is prepared by mixing the ingredients using a food processor or blender and then heating them until the sauce reduces and thickens.[4][5][6] It may be prepared to have a smooth or chunky texture.[7] Straining the sauce using a sieve to remove particulate matter creates a smooth texture.[6] It can be preserved by freezing for later use.[8]


Roast duck with a savory blueberry sauce

Savory blueberry sauces can be prepared without a sweetener,[9] or with a small amount of sweetener,[1][10] and additional ingredients used can include cider vinegar, chicken broth, lemon juice, salt, pepper and corn starch.[1][10] The sauce is used to top various savory dishes such as roasted pork, chicken, lamb and duck.[1][10][11] It is sometimes served on the side, rather than atop dishes.[12]


Sweet blueberry sauce may be used as a dessert sauce.[13] Blueberries and water provide the base for the sauce,[14] but after that recipes vary. A sweetener such as sugar is typically used, and lemon juice, orange juice, butter and corn starch are sometimes added.[2][4][12][15][16] A spiced version can be made using cloves, cinnamon and cardamom.[17] Sweet blueberry sauce can be used in or to top desserts such as cheesecake, cake, and ice cream, and on breakfast dishes such as pancakes, waffles and French toast.[5][6][17][18] It can also be used to create a blueberry fool.[19]

Other uses

Blueberry sauce can be used in the preparation of the blueberry Martini cocktail.[8]


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