Type Termly magazine
Format Compact
Owner(s) Cambridge University Science Productions
President Abigail Wood
Founded 2004
Political alignment None
Headquarters CUSU Offices, Old Examination Hall, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RF, UK
Circulation Up to 5,000
ISSN 1748-6920

BlueSci is the oldest of Cambridge University's student-run science magazines. It has been published continuously since 2004. It is published at the beginning of each term during the University of Cambridge's academic year.[1] BlueSci's editors are voluntary and not paid, and typically appointed on a yearly basis.[2] They are supported by a permanent member, the Senior Treasurer Bjorn Haessler. Production of the magazine is currently based at the CUSU Offices on the New Museums Site. Previously, they were based in the Varsity premises for over 10 years. The move to the new offices occurred in April 2014.


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