Blockade of Iquique

Blockade of Iquique
Part of War of the Pacific

Iquique, Peru, on July 16, 1879. Bombardment by the Chilean navy.
DateApril 5, 1879 - May 21, 1879 June 1, 1879 - August 2, 1879
LocationIquique, Peru.
Result Peruvian victory
Chilean Navy Peruvian Navy

Once war was declared by Chile upon Peru on Saturday, April 5, 1879, the first Chilean naval action for the War of the Pacific was set in motion. The plan was to block the Peruvian port of Iquique the same day the declaration of war was made. The first phase of the blockade ended on May 21, 1879, after the clashes between the Peruvian ships Huascar and Independencia versus the Chilean ships Esmeralda and Covadonga.

The second phase of the blockade was resumed on June 1, and lasted until August 2, 1879, at which time Williams Rebolledo had to resign for failing to succeed in its actions because of the excursions of the Huascar of Peruvian Admiral Miguel Grau against Chilean vessels.

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