The Blavet in Pontivy
Native name Le Blavet
Country France
Main source Brittany
River mouth Atlantic Ocean
47°42′32″N 3°22′5″W / 47.70889°N 3.36806°W / 47.70889; -3.36806Coordinates: 47°42′32″N 3°22′5″W / 47.70889°N 3.36806°W / 47.70889; -3.36806
Physical characteristics
Length 149 km (93 mi)
For the French flautist, see Michel Blavet.

The Blavet river flows from central Brittany and enters the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast near Lorient. The river is canalized for most of its length and is navigable for smaller craft. It is part of Brittany's canal system and became more important when the western half of that system got cut off by the construction of Lake Guerlédan's hydroelectric power dam. Today, boat traffic coming from Nantes via Redon has to take the Canal du Blavet and the Blavet river in order to reach the ocean near Lorient.

The source of the Blavet is east of Bulat-Pestivien, Côtes-d'Armor. It flows through the following départements and towns:

Among its tributaries are the Ével and the Scorff.


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