Bithia, Italy

Ruins of Bithia

Bithia was a city located in the extreme south of Sardinia, in the territory of Chia, frazione of the comune of Domus de Maria (province of Cagliari).

Founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century BC as 'bitan' (meaning 'palace'), the city was then Punic and Roman. Punic culture survived well into the Roman period.[1] It was abandoned in the early 7th century AD, when the population retired inland to escape Arab raids.

In 1933, following heavy storms, some ruins of the city came to light. Still observable are the remains of a Punic temple, on the island of Cardolinu, on which are also found artifacts that seem to indicate the presence of a tophet. Additional remains of houses and a second temple, dedicated to Bes, are located at the foot of the promontory on which stands the Spanish tower called "Chia", the current name of the modern village.


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Coordinates: 38°53′45″N 8°53′7″E / 38.89583°N 8.88528°E / 38.89583; 8.88528

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