Bishop of Colchester

The Bishop of Colchester is an episcopal title used by an area bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford, in the Province of Canterbury, England.[1]

The current bishop is Roger Morris, former Archdeacon of Worcester, who was consecrated as the Bishop of Colchester on 25 July 2014 at St Paul's Cathedral.[2]

The title takes its name after the town of Colchester in Essex, and was first created under the Suffragan Bishops Act 1534.[3] The suffragan bishops have been under the jurisdiction of a number of different dioceses. They were originally appointed for the Diocese of London, but changed in 1845 for the Diocese of Rochester and again in 1877 for the Diocese of St Albans. With the creation of the Diocese of Chelmsford in 1914, the suffragan bishops now come under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Chelmsford.[1] The bishops suffragan of Colchester have been area bishops since the Chelmsford area scheme was erected in 1983.[4]

List of bishops

Bishops of Colchester
From Until Incumbent Notes
1536 1541 William More Consecrated on 22 October 1536; died in 1541.
1541 1592 in abeyance
1592 1608 John Sterne Consecrated on 12 November 1592; died in 1608.
1608 1882 in abeyance
1882 1894 Alfred Blomfield
1894 1909 Henry Johnson
1909 1922 Robert Whitcombe
1922 1933 Thomas Chapman
1933 1946 Charles Ridsdale
1946 1966 Dudley Narborough
1966 1988 Roderic Coote Formerly Bishop of Fulham; first area bishop from 1983
1988 1995 Michael Vickers
1995 2001 Edward Holland Formerly Suffragan Bishop in Europe
2001 2013 Christopher Morgan [5]
25 July 2014 present Roger Morris Previously Archdeacon of Worcester.[2]
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