Birmingham Ladywood by-election, 1977

The Birmingham Ladywood by-election of 18 August 1977 was held after Labour Member of Parliament (MP) Brian Walden resigned in order to concentrate on his career as a journalist and broadcaster. A safe Labour seat, it was retained by the party.

At the count, Socialist Unity candidate Raghib Ahsan punched National Front candidate Anthony Reed Herbert.[1]


Birmingham Ladywood, 1977[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour John Sever 8,227 53.13 -11.34
Conservative Quentin Davies 4,402 28.43 +6.33
National Front Anthony Reed Herbert 888 5.73 N/A
Liberal Kenneth Hardeman 765 4.94 -8.49
Socialist Unity Raghib Ahsan 534 3.49 N/A
Independent James Hunte 336 2.17 N/A
Independent Conservative George Matthews 71 0.46 N/A
Reform Party Peter Courtney 63 0.41 N/A
Air Road Public Safety Bill Boaks 46 0.30 N/A
Majority 3,825 24.7 -17.7
Turnout 15,484
Labour hold Swing


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