Birgitte Federspiel

Birgitte Federspiel (6 September 1925 – 2 February 2005) was a Danish film, theater and TV actress. She won two Bodil Awards for best actress in 1955 (Ordet) and 1959 (En fremmed banker på).[1]

Born Karen Birgitte Federspiel in Copenhagen, she was the daughter of actor Ejner Federspiel and Gunver Fönss. She had a notable film roles as Inger in Ordet (1955)[2] and, in later life, as Martine in Babette's Feast (1987),[3] while on TV she played Baroness von Rydtger in three episodes of Matador. She died in Odense in 2005, aged 79.[4]

Personal life

She was married to Danish actors Freddy Koch and Jens Østerholm.[4]



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