Birchtree Mine

Birchtree Mine
Birchtree Mine
Location in Manitoba
Location Thompson
Province Manitoba
Country Canada
Coordinates 55°42′06″N 097°55′37″W / 55.70167°N 97.92694°W / 55.70167; -97.92694Coordinates: 55°42′06″N 097°55′37″W / 55.70167°N 97.92694°W / 55.70167; -97.92694
Products Nickel
Opened 1965
Closed 1978
Currently open
Company Vale Inco
Website Vale Inco

Birchtree Mine is an underground nickel mine, owned and operated by Vale Inco in the city of Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.[1] It lies in the nickel containing Thompson Belt, a geologic feature associated with the Circum-Superior Belt large igneous province throughout the Superior craton.


Birchtree mine originally opened in 1965 until 1978 when it was put in "standby" until 1988.[1] The mine reopened again in 1989. [2] In 2000 Inco authorized US$48 million [3] to deepen the mine to 4,100 feet (1,250 m), expanding production to 3,800 tons per day.[1] The Deepening Project allowed Inco to access ore between the 3950 level and 2300 level. In 2002[4] Birchtree Mine started producing ore from between 2750 level and 2300 level. In 2003 the first ore was extracted between 3950 level and 3450 level.


In 2005 Birchtree mine was the recipient of the John T. Ryan Trophy for having achieving the lowest accident frequency of all Canadian metal mines. In 2008 it received the regional John T. Ryan trophy for the Prairies & Northwest Territories.


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