بيوڭرى / ⴱⵉⵢⴳⵯⵔⴰ
Country  Morocco
Region Souss-Massa
Province Chtouka Aït Baha
Population (2014)
  Total 37,933
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
  Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+0)

Biougra (Amazigh: Biygwra, ⴱⵉⵢⴳⵯⵔⴰ; Moroccan Arabic: Biyūgrā بيوڭرى) is a town in Chtouka Aït Baha Province, Souss-Massa, Morocco. According to the 2014 census it has a population of 37,933.[1]


Coordinates: 30°12′52″N 9°22′15″W / 30.21444°N 9.37083°W / 30.21444; -9.37083

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