Bionicle: Matoran Adventures

Bionicle: Matoran Adventures
Developer(s) Argonaut Games
Designer(s) Alex Rutter
Paul McGinniss
Programmer(s) Aaron Fothergill
Martin Piper
Artist(s) Jason Cunningham
Leon Brazil
Carl Ross
Composer(s) Justin Scharvona
Chris Sweetman
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date(s)

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  • NA: 1 November 2002
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Bionicle: Matoran Adventures is a Lego video game based on the Bionicle sets. It was developed by Argonaut Games and published by Electronic Arts, and released only for the Game Boy Advance in November 2002. It is the sequel to Lego Bionicle.


Set during the Bohrok war, you play up to six Matoran, Jala, Huki, Maku, Kongu, Onepu, and Matoro to save the Turaga and defeat the Bohrok.

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