Big Apple Comix

Big Apple Comix

Big Apple Comix (Sept. 1975). Cover art by Wally Wood.
Publication information
Publisher Big Apple Productions
Publication date September 1975
Number of issues 1
Editor(s) Flo Steinberg

Big Apple Comix is an early independent comic book published by Flo Steinberg in 1975. An historically important link between underground comix and what would later be called alternative comics, this 36-page, 634" × 934" hybrid with glossy color covers and black-and-white interiors contains 11 sometimes sexually frank stories by such mainstream creators as Neal Adams, Archie Goodwin, Denny O'Neil, Herb Trimpe, Al Williamson, and Wally Wood. Most of its stories revolve around New York City (colloquially known as "The Big Apple") during a particularly low ebb in the city's finances, crime situation, race relations, and infrastructure.

Publication history

The one-shot comic book was among a handful of 1960s-'70s precursors of the independently produced comics that first proliferated with the 1980s rise of "direct market" comic-book stores. Other such early links between underground comix and modern independents include Mike Friedrich's Star*Reach and Wood's own witzend. Critic Ken Jones, in a 1986 retrospective review, suggested that Big Apple Comix and [Mark Evanier's] High Adventure may have been "the first true alternative comics".[1]

The comic featured writer-editor Goodwin displaying his cartoonist abilities; Adams and a fledgling Larry Hama sharing vertically split pages to parallel a street prostitute with a corporate secretary using sex to further her career; and Wood's story "My Word",[2] a bitter parody of the Al Feldstein-scripted "My World" that Wood illustrated in EC Comics' Weird Science #22 (Dec. 1953).

Linda Fite and John Verpoorten handled production work for the comic, released with an indicia date of September 1975.




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