Bidar Kadın

Bidar Kadın
بیرار قادین
Empress consort of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure 31 August 1876 – 27 April 1909
Born 5 May 1858
Caucasus, Ottoman Empire
Died 1 January 1918
Erenköy, Asia Minor, Turkey
Burial Yahya Efendi cemetery
Spouse Abdul Hamid II
Issue Naime Sultan
Şehzade Mehmed Abdülkadir
Full name
Turkish: Bidar Kadın
English: Bidar Qadin
Ottoman Turkish: بيدار قادین
House House of Talustan (by birth)
House of Osman (by marriage)
Father Ibrahim Talustan
Mother Şahika İffet Lortkipanidze
Religion Sunni Islam

Bidar Kadın (5 May 1858 1 January 1918; Ottoman Turkish: بیدار قادین) was the Empress consort of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire.


Bidar Kadın was born on 5 May 1858 in Caucasus, under Ottoman Empire. Born as a member of the Kabardian principality, she was the daughter of Prince Ibrahim Bey Talustan and his wife Princess Şahika İffet Hanım Lortkipanidze, a Georgian.[1] She had green hazel eyes, brown hair and was tall and slender. She had two younger brothers named Brigadier general Hussein Pasha and Mehmed Ziya Pasha, who were in civil service to Abdul Hamid II. At very young age Bidar left her city of birth and arrived at Istanbul, where she was delivered at the court of the Ottoman Sultan. At the age of seventeen Bidar married Abdul Hamid on 2 September 1875 in the Yıldız Palace, the Sultan's residence at the time.[2]

During the 1908 Young Turk Revolution that overthrew her husband's autocratic rule and restored constitutional monarchy, Bidar, followed her husband in exile to Salonica. Her brother, Mehmed Ziya Pasha also accompanied them. Bidar Kadın was a nice woman and in 1889 on the orders of Abdul Hamid she accepted the presence of German Empress Augusta Victoria in the harem of Yıldız Palace. For the second time, Bidar, was visited by Empress Augusta Victoria. Empress Augusta Victoria was very impressed by Bidar and used to speak about her in Europe. In 1918, the Austrian Empress Zita was asked by Bidar to visit Istanbul[3]

After the deposition of Abdul Hamid II she settled in a mansion located in Erenköy, where she lived until her death. She died on 1 January 1918 in and was buried in the Mausoleum of Şehzade Kemaleddin Efendi in Yahya Efendi Cemetery.


Together with Abdul Hamid, Bidar had two children:

Titles and styles



Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Meyliservet Kadınefendi
Dördüncü Kadınefendi
31 August 1876 - 11 April 1895
Succeeded by
Dilpesend Kadınefendi
Preceded by
Bedrifelek Kadınefendi
Üçüncü Kadınefendi
26 July 1879 - 11 April 1895
Succeeded by
Dilpesend Kadınefendi
Preceded by
Bedrifelek Kadınefendi
İkinci Kadınefendi
11 April 1895 - 27 April 1909
Succeeded by
Dürrüaden Kadınefendi
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