Betty Trask Award

The Betty Trask Prize and Awards are for first novels written by authors under the age of 35, who reside in a current or former Commonwealth nation. Each year the awards total £20,000, with one author receiving a larger prize amount, called the "Prize", and the remainder given to one or more other writers, called the "Awards".[1] The award was established in 1984 by the Society of Authors, at the bequest of the late Betty Trask, a reclusive author of over thirty romance novels.[2] The awards are given to traditional or romantic novels, rather than those of an experimental style, and can be for published or unpublished works.[3]

List of award and prize winners

Note: Beginning in 2009, the "Betty Trask Prize" is given to one author; the remaining receive the "Betty Trask Award"

Year Author Book Award
1984 Ronald Frame Winter Journey £6,750
Clare Nonhebel Cold Showers £6,750
James Buchan A Parish of Rich Women £1,000
Helen Harris Playing Fields in Winter £1,000
Gareth Jones The Disinherited £1,000
Simon Rees The Devil's Looking Glass £1,000
1985 Susan Kay Legacy £12,500
Gary Armitage A Season of Peace £1,000
Elizabeth Ironside A Very Private Enterprise £1,000
Alice Mitchell Instead of Eden £1,000
Caroline Stickland The Standing Hills £1,000
George Schweiz The Earth Abides For Ever £1,000
1986 Tim Parks Tongues of Flame £9,000
Patricia Ferguson Family, Myths and Legends £4,500
Philippa Blake Mzungu's Wife £1,000
Matthew Kneale Whore Banquets £1,000
J. F. McLaughlin The Road to Dilmun £1,000
Kate Saunders The Prodigal Father £1,000
1987 James Maw Hard Luck £8,000
Peter Benson The Levels £4,500
Helen Flint Return Journey £4,500
Catherine Arnold Lost Time £1,000
H. S. Bhabra Gestures £1,000
Lucy Pinney The Pink Stallion £1,000
1988 Alex Martin The General Interruptor MS £6,500
Candia McWilliam A Case of Knives £6,500
Georgina Andrewes Behind the Waterfall £2,000
James Friel Left of North £2,000
Glenn Patterson Burning Your Own £2,000
Susan Webster Small Tales of a Town £2,000
1989 Nigel Watts The Life Game £10,000
William Riviere Watercolour Sky £5,000
Paul Houghton Harry's Last Wedding £2,000
Alasdair McKee Uncle Henry's Last Stand £2,000
1990 Robert McLiam Wilson Ripley Bogle £16,000
Elizabeth Chadwick The Wild Hunt £3,000
Rosemary Cohen No Strange Land £3,000
Nicholas Shakespeare The Vision of Elena Silves £3,000
1991 Amit Chaudhuri A Strange and Sublime Address £10,000
Mark Swallow Teaching Little Fang £7,000
Suzannah Dunn Quite Contrary £2,000
Lesley Glaister Honour Thy Father £2,000
Nino Ricci Lives of the Saints £2,000
Simon Mason The Great English Nude £2,000
1992 Liane Jones The Dream Stone £3,000
Peter M. Rosenburg Kissing Through a Pane of Glass £5,000
Tibor Fischer Under the Frog £3,000
Eugene Mullan The Last of His Line £3,000
Edward St Aubyn Never Mind £3,000
1993 Mark Blackaby You'll Never be Here Again £10,000
Andrew Cowan Pig £7,000
Simon Corrigan Tommy Was Here £5,000
Joanna Briscoe Mothers and Other Lovers £2,000
Olivia Fane Landing on Clouds £2,000
1994 Colin Bateman Divorcing Jack £12,000
Nadeem Aslam Season of the Rainbirds £10,000
Guy Burt After the Hole £1,000
Frances Liardet The Game £1,000
Jonathan Rix Some Hope £1,000
1995 Robert Newman Dependence Day £10,000
Mark Behr The Smell of Apples £8,000
Martina Evans Midnight Feast £3,000
Rohit Manchanda A Speck of Coaldust £1,000
Juliet Thomas Hallelujah Jordan £1,000
Philippa Walshe The Latecomer £1,000
Madeleine Wickham The Tennis Party £1,000
1996 John Lanchester The Debt to Pleasure £8,000
Meera Syal Anita and Me £7,000
Rhidian Brook The Testimony of Taliesin Jones £5,000
Louis Caron Buss The Luxury of Exile £5,000
1997 Alex Garland The Beach £12,000
Josie Barnard Poker Face £5,000
Ardashir Vakil Beach Boy £5,000
Diran Adebayo Some Kind of Black £1,500
Sanjida O'Connell Theory of Mind £1,500
1998 Kiran Desai Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard £10,000
Nick Earls Zigzag Street £8,000
Phil Whitaker Eclipse of the Sun £5,000
Gail Anderson-Dargatz The Cure for Death by Lightning £1,000
Tobias Hill Underground £1,000
1999 Elliot Perlman Three Dollars £7,000
Catherine Chidgey In a Fishbone Church £6,000
Giles Foden The Last King of Scotland £4,000
Dennis Bock Olympia £3,000
Rajeev Balasubramanyam In Beautiful Disguises £2,500
Sarah Waters Tipping the Velvet £1,000
2000 Jonathan Tulloch The Season Ticket £10,000
Julia Leigh The Hunter £7,000
Susan Elderkin Sunset Over Chocolate Mountains £4,000
Galaxy Craze By The Shore £2,000
Nicholas Griffin The Requiem Shark £2,000
2001 Zadie Smith White Teeth £8,000
Justin Hill The Drink and Dream Teahouse £5,000
Maggie O'Farrell After You'd Gone £5,000
Vivien Kelly Take One Young Man £4,000
Mohsin Hamid Moth Smoke £2,500
Patrick Neate Musungu Jim and the Great Chief Tuloko £2,500
2002[4] Hari Kunzru The Impressionist £8,000
Rachel Seiffert The Dark Room £5,000
Shamim Sarif The World Unseen £4,000
Helen Cross My Summer of Love £2,000
Chloe Hooper A Child's Book of True Crime £2,000
Susanna Jones The Earthquake Bird £2,000
Gwendoline Riley Cold Water £2,000
2003 Jon McGregor If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things £10,000
Sarah Hall Haweswater £6,000
Stephanie Merritt Gaveston £4,000
Elizabeth Garner Nightdancing £2,000
Zoe Strachan Negative Space £2,000
Adam Thirlwell Politics £1,000
2004 Louise Dean Becoming Strangers £8,000
Hannah MacDonald The Sun Road £6,000
Anthony Cartwright The Afterglow £3,000
Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi The Last Song of Dusk £3,000
2005 Susan Fletcher Eve Green £16,000
Diana Evans 26a £2,000
Helen Walsh Brass £2,000
2006 Nick Laird Utterly Monkey £10,000
Nicola Monaghan The Killing Jar £5,000
Peter Hobbs The Short Day Dying £5,000
2007 Will Davis My Side of the Story £10,000
Adam Foulds The Truth About These Strange Times £2,500
Cynan Jones The Long Dry £2,500
Julie Maxwell You Can Live Forever £2,500
Karen Mcleod In Search of the Missing Eyelash £2,500
2008 David Szalay London and the South-East £10,000
Ross Raisin God's Own Country £6,000
Thomas Leveritt The Exchange Rate Between Love and Money £2,000
Anna Ralph The Floating Island £2,000
2009 Samantha Harvey The Wilderness £12,000 (Prize)
Eleanor Catton The Rehearsal £8,000
2010 Nadifa Mohamed Black Mamba Boy £10,000 (Prize)
Evie Wyld After the Fire, A Still Small Voice £7,000
Jenn Ashworth A Kind of Intimacy £1,500
Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani I Do Not Come to You by Chance £1,500
2011[5] Anjali Joseph Saraswati Park £10,000 (Prize)
Laura Barton Twenty-One Locks £6,000
Simon Lelic Rupture £2,500
Robert Williams Luke and Jon £2,500
2012 David Whitehouse Bed £8,000 (Prize)
Kalinda Ashton The Danger Game £3,000
Elizabeth Day Scissors, Paper, Stone £3,000
Annabel Pitcher My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece £3,000
Emma Jane Unsworth Hungry the Stars and Everything £3,000
2013 Grace McCleen The Land of Decoration £8,000 (Prize)
Chibundu Onuzo The Spider King's Daughter £7,000
Francesca Segal The Innocents £2,500
Will Wiles Care of Wooden Floors £2,500
2014[6] Nathan Filer The Shock Of The Fall £10,000 (Prize)
NoViolet Bulawayo We Need New Names £3,750
Sam Byers Idiopathy £3,750
Mave Fellowes Chaplin and Company £3,750
Matt Greene Ostrich £3,750
2015[7] Ben Fergusson The Spring of Kasper Meier £10,000 (Prize)
Emma Healey Elizabeth Is Missing £5,000
Zoe Pilger Eat My Heart Out £5,000
Simon Wroe Chop Chop £5,000


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