Beth Jacob Jerusalem

Beth Jacob Jerusalem

Beth Jacob Jerusalem (Hebrew: סמינר בית יעקב למורות, Seminar Bais Yaakov LeMorot), also known as Machon Sarah Schneirer, commonly referred to as BJJ, is a prestigious Haredi religious girls seminary located in the Unsdorf neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.[1] It was founded in the early 1970s by Rebbetzin Bruria David. Approximately 180 girls are educated in this elite institution each year.


Rebbetzin David founded Beth Jacob Jerusalem as a post-high-school seminary geared for American and European graduates of Bais Yaakov high schools who wish to pursue Torah study on a high academic level. The seminary also provides professional training toward a teaching degree. Rebbetzin David interviews each applicant to maintain the school's reputation as one of the "elite" institutions in the Haredi world.[1]


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