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Spouse Crínán, Abbot of Dunkeld
Issue Duncan I, King of Alba
Maldred of Allerdale
House House of Alpin (by birth)
House of Dunkeld (by marriage)
Father Malcolm II, King of Alba

Bethóc ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda was the elder daughter of Máel Coluim mac Cináeda, King of Scots, and the mother of his successor, Duncan I.


Bethóc was the eldest daughter of the Malcolm II of Scotland, who had no known surviving sons. She married Crínán, Abbot of Dunkeld. Their older son, Donnchad I, ascended to the throne of Scotland around 1034. Malcolm's youngest daughter married Sigurd Hlodvirsson, Earl of Orkney.[1] Early writers have asserted that Máel Coluim also designated Donnchad as his successor under the rules of tanistry because there were other possible claimants to the throne.

In this period, the Scottish throne still passed in Picto-Gaelic matrilineal fashion, from brother to brother, uncle to nephew, and cousin to cousin.



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