Bertrange communal council

Bertrange communal council (French: Conseil communal de Bertrange) is the local council for the commune of Bertrange, in south-western Luxembourg.

It consists of eleven members, elected every six years by proportional representation.[1] The last elections were held on 9 October 2005, and resulted in a victory for the Democratic Party (DP). In the collège échevinal, the DP rules outright, under the leadership of mayor Paul Geimer.[1]

Party Seats Councillors
Democratic Party 6 Frank Colabianchi, Frank Demuyser, Paul Geimer, Émile Krier, Patrick Michels, Michel Reuland
Christian Social People's Party (CSV) 3 Carlo Lux, Marc Rauchs, Nicolas Schaeffer
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) 1 Fernand Caas
The Greens 1 Pierre Weiland
Source: Commune of Bertrange

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