Bernina Range

Bernina Range

The main summits of the Bernina range above the Morteratsch Glacier
Highest point
Peak Piz Bernina
Elevation 4,049 m (13,284 ft)
Coordinates 46°37′N 09°52′E / 46.617°N 9.867°E / 46.617; 9.867

Location of the Bernina Range.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps

Countries Switzerland and Italy
Range coordinates 46°23′N 9°55′E / 46.38°N 9.91°E / 46.38; 9.91Coordinates: 46°23′N 9°55′E / 46.38°N 9.91°E / 46.38; 9.91
Parent range Western Limestone Alps

The Bernina Range is a mountain range in the Alps of eastern Switzerland and northern Italy. It is considered to be part of the Rhaetian Alps within the Central Eastern Alps. It is one of the highest ranges of the Alps, covered with many glaciers. Piz Bernina (4,049 m (13,284 ft)), its highest peak, is the most easterly four thousand-metre peak in the Alps. The peak in the range which sees the most ascents is Piz Palü.

The Bernina Range is separated from the Albula Range in the north-west by the Maloja Pass and the Upper Engadin valley; from the Livigno Range in the east by the Bernina Pass; from the Bergamo Alps in the south by the Adda valley (Valtellina); and from the Bregaglia Range in the south-west by the Muretto Pass. The Bernina Range is drained by the rivers Adda, Inn and Maira (Mera in Italy).

The term Bernina Alps can also be used in an extended sense to include both the Bernina and Bregaglia ranges; this is the area coloured red on the map (right) and labelled ‘Bernina Alpen’.

Piz Bernina
Morteratsch Glacier
Bellavista (left)
Piz Bernina and Piz Roseg


The main peaks of the Bernina Range are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Piz Bernina4,04913,304
Piz Zupò3,99513,110
Piz Bianco3,99513,110
Piz Scerscen3,97113,028
Piz Argient3,94512,943
Piz Roseg3,93712,916
Piz Palü3,90512,835
Crast' Agüzza3,86912,694
Piz Morteratsch3,75112,306
Piz Cambrena 3,60611,831
Piz Glüschaint 3,59411,791
Piz Tschierva3,54611,634
Piz Varuna3,46211,359
Piz Corvatsch3,45111,322
Piz Tremoggia3,44111,289
Cima di Castello3,40011,155
Piz Fora3,36311,033
Pizzo Scalino3,32310,903
Punta Painale3,24610,650
Munt Pers3,20710,522
Piz Surlej3,18810,459
Piz da la Margna3,15810,361
Piz Rosatsch 3,12310,246
A panorama of the Bernina Range from Flüela-Schwarzhorn
High resolution (26k*9k) panorama viewed from Diavolezza


Main glaciers :

A panorama of the Morteratsch Glacier in the Bernina Range


The main passes of the Bernina Range are:

Mountain pass location type Elevation (m/ft)
Fuorcla Bellavista Pontresina to Chiesa in Valmalenco snow 3684 12,087
Fuorcla Crast' Agüzza Pontresina to Chiesa in Valmalenco snow 3601 11,814
Fuorcla Tschierva Pontresina to Chiesa in Valmalenco snow 3527 11,572
Fuorcla Sella Pontresina to Chiesa in Valmalenco snow 3304 10,840
Passo di Bondo Bondo to Bagni di Masino snow 3117 10,227
Passo di Castello Maloja to Morbegno snow 3100 10,171
Passo Tremoggia Sils to Chiesa in Valmalenco snow 3021 9912
Passo di Mello Chiareggio to Val Masino snow 2991 9813
Diavolezza Pass Bernina road to the Morteratsch glacier snow 2977 9767
Passo di Zocca Vicosoprano to Val Masino snow 2743 9000
Muretto Pass Maloja to Chiesa partly snow 2557 8389
Bernina Pass Pontresina to Tirano road 2330 7645
Maloja Pass St Moritz to Chiavenna road 1809 5935

Mountain huts

There are several manned and unmanned mountain huts in the Bernina Range.

Name Elevation (m/ft) Country Location
Chamanna da Coaz2610 / 8,563SwitzerlandEnd of Val Roseg
Chamanna da Boval2495 / 8,186SwitzerlandVal Morteratsch, under Piz Morteratsch
Chamanna da Tschierva2583 / 8,474SwitzerlandLeft side of Vadret Tschierva, under Piz Morteratsch
Rifugio Marco e Rosa3597 / 10,801Italy

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