Bernardino Nocchi

Glory of Santa Pudenziana, Santa Pudenziana, Rome

Bernardino or Giovanni Bernardino Nocchi (Lucca, May 8, 1741 - Rome, January 27, 1812) was an Italian painter, mainly of sacred and historic subjects.


He trained under Giuseppe Antonio Luchi in Lucca until 1767. By 1769, Nocchi and his contemporary Stefano Tofanelli had moved to Rome, where they entered the studio of Niccolò Lapiccola.[1]

In 1780, he helped decorate the Apostolic palace and in 1785 the Stanza delle Stampe of the Vatican Library. In 1797, he painted the Transit of St Joseph for the church of San Secondo in Gubbio; in 1804, he completes the Death of St Anne for the Basilica di San Frediano in Spoleto. Returning to Rome, Nocchi painted in 1799 a portrait of Prince Camillo Borghese; in 1803, Glory of Santa Pudenziana (for the church of the same name), San Novato, and San Timoteo. In 1807 he painted a portrait of Pope Pius VII. He also painted The Dancers, Portrait of a Noble Lady and Portrait of the Venerable Marie Clotilde of France, queen of Sardinia (1809). His son, Pietro Nocchi, was also a painter.[2]


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