Bernard V, Lord of Lippe

Bernard V, Lord of Lippe
Spouse(s) Richarda of the Marck
Noble family House of Lippe
Father Simon I, Lord of Lippe
Mother Adelaide of Waldeck
Born c.1290
Died before 1365

Bernhard V, Lord of Lippe (c.1290 before 1365) was a member of the House of Lippe and was Lord of Rheda from 1344 until his death.


Bernard was the son of Lord Simon I and Adelaide of Waldeck. His eldest brother was also called Bernard V and was Prince-Bishop of Paderborn.

After his father's death in 1344, the county was divided. Bernhard was given the area around Rheda and Lippstadt. His brother Otto was given the area around Lemgo.

When Bernhard died around 1365, his widow initially gave his inheritance to Otto VI of Tecklenburg, the husband of her eldest daughter. In 1366, she revoked this gift and transferred the territory to her nephew Simon III. Otto VI, however, objected and started a feud which lasted several decades and was finally resolved in favour of the Tecklenburg family.

Marriage and issue

Bernard V was married to Richarda of the Marck. Their children were:

Bernard V, Lord of Lippe
Born: c.1290 Died: before 1365
Preceded by
Simon I
as Lord of Lippe
Lord of Rheda
Succeeded by
Otto VI
as Count of Tecklenburg

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