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Bernard Bernard (21 July 1821 in Mogues, France – 1895) was a French Catholic priest and missionary in Norway, Iceland and Scotland. He was the first Prefect Apostolic of Norway and Lapland from 1869 to 1887.


Bernard Bernard in Iceland

Bernard was educated as a priest in Rome and received his consecration in Reims by Cardinal Thomas-Marie-Joseph Gousset (1792–1866). First a parish priest in the French Ardennes for a couple of years, he arrived in Norway in 1856, where he was put into service in the Catholic North Pole Mission (Praefectura Apostolica Poli Arctici).[1] Already in 1856 he was sent to Iceland, which was a part of the North Pole Mission, where he arrived in 1857. Together with Jean-Baptiste Baudoin (1831–1875), Bernard was the first Catholic priest serve in Iceland after the Reformation, where they built a small chapel at the Landakot farmstead near Reykjavík.[2] They met with a difficult reception and in 1862 Bernard left the country, while Baudoin persevered until 1875. On April 5, 1869, Bernard was appointed Prefect Apostolic of Norway and Lapland with residence in Trondheim. For reasons of health, Bernard resigned as Prefect Apostolic in 1887 and left Norway. He was followed by the Luxemburg priest Johannes Olav Fallize (1844–1933),[3] from 1892 Titular Bishop of Elusa, under whom the mission has steadily developed, although not yet large.

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