Benjamin Jaurès

Benjamin Jaurès
Franco-Anglo-Japanese conference on the French ship Sémiramis, 2 July 1863, following the Namamugi incident.
Forefront: French interpreter Blekman, Japanese interpreter.
Background (from left to right): Three Japanese governors of Yokohama, Duchesne de Bellecourt, Daimyo Sakai-Hida-no-Kami, Colonel Neale (British representative in Japan), Admiral Jaurès, Admiral Kuper.

Constant Louis Jean Benjamin Jaurès (3 February 1823, Albi, Tarn 13 March 1889) was a 19th-century French admiral[1] and senator, who was active in Japan during the Bombardment of Shimonoseki (1863) and the Boshin war (1868–1869).

He became Minister of the Navy and Colonies on 22 February 1889, in the government of Pierre Tirard.

The famous French politician Jean Jaurès was his nephew.

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