Bence Szabolcsi

Bence Szabolcsi (2 August 1899 – 21 January 1973) was a Hungarian music historian. Along with Ervin Major, "he can be considered the founder of scholarly study of the history of Hungarian music, and he was primarily responsible for creating an establishment for musicology in Hungary."[1]

Szabolcsi was born in Budapest, the younger son of Miksa Szabolcsi (1856-1915), editor of the Hungarian Jewish weekly Egyenlőség.[2] He studied musicology at Leipzig University, gaining a doctorate in 1923 with a thesis on the Italian monodist composers Pierro Benedetti and Claudio Sarcini.[3] He edited the first music dictionary in Hungarian, established the Department of Musicology at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1951, and established the Bartók Archive in 1961.[1]



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