Sergei Belyak

Sergei Belyak (Russian: Сергей Беляк; May 19, 1958) is a Russian lawyer, musician, photographer.


Sergei Belyak was born in Podolsk in 1958. He studied on Saratov State Academy of Law

Law practice

Belyak served as lawyer for Vladimir Zhirinovsky,[1] Yury Shutov, Andrei Klimentev[2] and others.

Belyak served as lawyer for Eduard Limonov. In 2003 court granted the early release of National Bolshevik Party leader[3] In 2003, Limonov was released from Lefortovo Prison.[4]

Personal life

Sergei Belyak is musician.[5][6] He is also an author of photo album "Girls of the Party"[7][8] and autobiography "The Devil's advocate".[9][10]


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