Belinda (telenovela)

Developed by TV Azteca
Directed by

Luis Alberto Lamatta
Sergio Treviño
Freddy García

Johnny Solórzano
Starring Leonardo Garcia
Mariana Torres
Opening theme "Amor Mio" by Tres de Copas
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 105
Running time 45 minutes

Belinda (For You) is a Mexican telenovela that aired in 2004 on TV Azteca's Azteca 13. It starred Leonardo Garcia and Mariana Torres as protagonists.


Main protagonists

Actor Character Known as
Mariana Torres Belinda Arismendi Main heroine. Daughter of Roberto and Cristina, in love with Ricardo
Leonardo Garcia Ricardo Semprum Latorre Main hero. Son of Adolfo
Héctor Bonilla Roberto Arismendi Father of Anabela and Belinda, husband of Lucrecia
Anna Ciocchetti Lucrecia Fuenmayor de Arismendi Villain. Wife of Roberto; mother of Anabela and Alfredo
Sebastián Ligarde Adolfo Semprum Inchaustegui Villain. Father of Ricardo, Helena and Alfredo
Regina Torne Eloisa Fuenmayor Mother of Lucrecia and Renata
Laura Padilla Renata Fuenmayor Daughter of Eloisa, sister of Lucrecia, mother of Gustavo
Gabriela Vergara Cristina Romero / Belinda Romero Mother of Belinda / Sister of Cristina, aunt of Belinda Arismendi

Other cast

Actor Character Known as
Tamara Monserrat Anabela Arismendi Villain. Daughter of Lucrecia and Roberto, girlfriend of Ricardo
Luis Arrieta Alfredo Arismendi Son of Lucrecia and Adolfo
Elba Jiménez Helena Semprum Daughter of Adolfo, sister of Ricardo and Alfredo
Calos Mata Dr. Alfonso Rivas Doctor, friend of Roberto, godfather of Belinda
Rodrigo Cachero Gustavo Flores Adopted son of Teresa, son of Renata
Irene Arcila Teresa Flores
Tania Arredondo Coraima Valdez Maid in Lucrecia's house, in love with Alfredo
Carmen Delgado Gardenia Valdez Housekeeper in Lucrecia's house
Albeto Casanova Ernesto Marin Villain. Brother of Osvaldo
Alejandro Lukini Osvaldo Marin Colleague of Roberto, brother of Ernesto
Aarón Beas Ruben Fuentes
Adriana Cataño Jacqueline Tovar
Andres Palacios Jesus Infante
Eduardo Victoria Pablo Noriega Colleague of Roberto
Elsa Aguirre
Graciela Orozco
Jesus Vargas Doctor
Jorge Levi Enrique Flores Husband of Teresa
Jorge Caceres Martin Reyes Professor
María Colla
María Rebeca Patricia 'Paty' Colleague of Roberto
Marcela Ruiz Esparza Veronica Friend of Belinda
Mariana Urrutia Hayde
Omar Germenos
Seraly Morales Gaby Colleague of Ricardo

Theme song

Amor Mio





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