Belgium at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Belgium at the
1900 Summer Olympics
IOC code BEL
NOC Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee
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in Paris
Competitors 78 in 11 sports
Gold Silver Bronze Total
5 5 5 15
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Belgium competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. It was the first appearance of the European nation. Belgium was represented in France by 78[1] athletes, all of them male, who competed in 11 disciplines. They comprised 95 entries in 28 events.





Results by event


Belgium took three of six gold medals, two of seven silver medals, and one of five bronze medals in the six archery events that were Olympic. France and the Netherlands were the only other nations that competed, with France taking the remaining twelve medals. Many of the French, Dutch, and Belgian competitors are unknown as their names were not recorded. 4 of the 18 Belgian archers are known by name, 14 are not. The 18 archers had 35 entries over all 6 events.

Event Place Archer Score
Au Cordon Doré
50 metres
2nd Hubert Van Innis 29
Au Cordon Doré
33 metres
1st Hubert Van Innis Unknown
Au Chapelet
50 metres
4th Hubert Van Innis Unknown
Au Chapelet
33 metres
1st Hubert Van Innis Unknown
Sur la Perche
à la Herse
1st Emmanuel Foulon Unknown
2nd Emile Druart
4-129 14 unknown competitors
Sur la Perche
à la Pyramide
3rd Louis Glineux Unknown
4-129 14 unknown competitors


Belgium and France were the only two nations to compete in croquet. Belgium sent one man, who won no medals in the sport. He competed in only one of the three events, not finishing the first round.

Event Place Player(s) Round 1 Round 2 Final
one ball
Marcel Haentjens Did not finish Did not advance


Belgium's first cycling appearance was at the second Olympic cycling competition, 1900. One cyclist from Belgium competed in one event, winning no medals. Only his surname is known.

Event Place Cyclist Round 1 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
2000 metre sprint Vincent 2nd place
heat 9
2nd place
quarterfinal 5
Did not advance


Belgium competed in the inaugural Olympic equestrian events, taking 2 of 3 gold medals. The names of 9 Belgian equestrians are unknown.

Event Place Equestrian Time, height,
or distance
Jumping 1st Aimè Haageman 2:16.0
2nd Georges van der Poële 2:17.6
4-37 9 other competitors
High jump 3rd Georges van der Poële 1.70 metres
5-18 3 other competitors
Long jump 1st Constant van Langhendonck 6.10 metres
5-17 2 other competitors


Belgium competed in fencing at the nation's debut. The nation sent five fencers.

Event Place Fencer Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Foil 14th Tony Smet Advanced
by jury
by jury
to semifinal
8th place
semifinal A
6th place
Épée 19-31 Tony Smet 1st place
pool P
quarterfinal C
None held Did not advance
Masters foil 10th Pierre Selderslagh Advanced
by jury
by jury
to semifinals
5th place
semifinal B
2nd place
15th Cyrille Verbrugge Advanced
by jury
by jury
to semifinals
7th place
semifinal A
7th place
44-60 F. Després Not advanced
by jury
Did not advance
Masters sabre 8th Hébrant 1st-4th
in pool
None held 2nd place
semifinal A
8th place


Université de Bruxelles represented Belgium in the football competition. The club squad lost its only match, to Club Française, to take third in the three-team competition.

Event Place Players Match 1 Match 2
Men's football 3rd Université de Bruxelles
Albert Delbecque, Henrik van Heuckelum, Raul Kelecom, Marcel Leboutte,
Lucien Londot, Ernest Moreau de Melen, Edmond Neefs,
Georges Pelgrims (captain), Alphonse Renier, Emile Spannoghe, Eric Thornton
Lost vs.
Club Française


Belgium's inaugural Olympic appearance included competing in the gymnastics portion of the program.

Event Place Gymnast Score
Combined 99 De Poorten 207
112 Michelet 192


Belgium, through the Royal Club Nautique de Gand, sent coxed pairs and coxed eights boats to the first Olympic rowing competition.

Event Place Boat Round 1 Semifinals Final
Coxed pairs 5th Royal Club Nautique de Gand
Prospère Bruggeman, Maurice Hemelsoet,
Unknown cox
None held 7:00.4
3rd, semifinal 2
Did not advance
Coxed eights 2nd Royal Club Nautique de Gand
Jules de Bisschop, Prospère Bruggeman, Oscar De Somville,
Oscar de Cock, Maurice Hemelsoet, Marcel van Crombrugghe,
Frank Odberg, Maurice Verdonck,
Alfred Van Landeghem (cox)
None held 5:00.2
2nd, semifinal 1


Belgium's first Olympic appearance included competing in the shooting events. Belgian shooters competed in the military pistol and military rifle sets of events.

Event Place Shooter Score
Military pistol
13th Rooman 405
14th Thèves 404
16th Victor Robert 351
17th Eichorn 345
19th Lebègue 318
Military pistol
4th Eichorn, Lebègue, Victor Robert, Rooman, Thèves 1823
Military rifle
3rd Charles Paumier 298
4th Paul van Asbroeck 297
7th Jules Bury 282
21st Edouard Myin 265
30th Joseph Baras 233
Military rifle
4th Paul van Asbroeck 308
9th Charles Paumier 297
24th Jules Bury 269
29th Edouard Myin 249
30th Joseph Baras 210
Military rifle
8th Paul van Asbroeck 312
13th Edouard Myin 304
15th Charles Paumier 302
28th Joseph Baras 270
Jules Bury 270
Military rifle
three positions
3rd Paul van Asbroeck 917
6th Charles Paumier 897
22nd Jules Bury 821
23rd Edouard Myin 818
30th Joseph Baras 713
Military rifle
6th Paul van Asbroeck, Joseph Baras, Jules Bury, Edouard Myin, Charles Paumier 4166


Event Place Swimmer Semifinals Final
Men's 4000 metre
Hermand Did not finish
semifinal 1
Did not advance

Water polo

Event Place Team Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Men's water polo 2nd Brussels Swimming and Water Polo Club
Jean de Backer, Victor de Behr, Henri Cohen, Fernand Feyaerts, Oscar Grégoire, Albert Michant, Victor Sonnemans


  1. This differs from de Wael's count of 84. De Wael counts three water poloists who are not included on the team roster according to the IOC, two equestrians who competed in only non-Olympic events (a third non-Olympic equestrian also competed in croquet), and two unknown coxswains in rowing where there was only one.


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