Belfast North (Northern Ireland Parliament constituency)

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Belfast North
Former Borough Constituency
for the Parliament of Northern Ireland

Belfast North shown within Northern Ireland
Former constituency
Created 1921
Abolished 1929
Election method Single transferable vote

Belfast North was a borough constituency of the Parliament of Northern Ireland from 1921 - 1929. It returned four MPs, using the single transferable vote method of proportional representation.


Belfast North contained the Clifton, Duncairn and Shankill wards of the County Borough of Belfast. In 1929, the constituency was divided into the Belfast Clifton, Belfast Duncairn, Belfast Oldpark and Belfast Shankill constituencies.[1]


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Belfast North was a predominantly Unionist area with considerable pockets of labour strength. It returned four Unionists in 1921, but in 1925, it returned only two official Unionists, plus one independent Unionist and a Labour member.

Members of Parliament

Election Member
Lloyd Campbell
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Samuel McGuffin
(Ulster Unionist Party)
William Grant
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Robert McKeown
(Ulster Unionist Party)
Tommy Henderson
(Independent Unionist)
Sam Kyle
(Northern Ireland Labour Party)
Lloyd Campbell
(Ulster Unionist Party)

Election results

24 May 1921 General Election: Belfast North (4 seats)
Party Candidate % 1st Pref Count 1 Count 2Count 3
UUP Lloyd Campbell 12,875    
UUP Samuel McGuffin 11,596    
UUP William Grant 6,148 9,880  
UUP Robert McKeown 3,562 4,676 8,263
Sinn Féin Michael Carolan 3,235 3,268 3,275
Nationalist F. P. Harkin 1,509 1,516 1,519
Independent J. B. Wallace 926 944 972
Electorate: 43,194   Valid: 39,851   Quota: 7,971   Turnout: 92.3%
    1925 General Election: Belfast North (4 seats)
    Party Candidate % 1st Pref Count 1 Count 2Count 3Count 4
    Independent Unionist Tommy Henderson 10,306      
    NI Labour Sam Kyle 5,915 7,650    
    UUP William Grant 6,610 6,934    
    UUP Lloyd Campbell 5,421 5,952 6,163 7,026
    UUP John William Nixon 4,068 4,951 5,471 6,021
    UUP H. T. Whitaker 1,276 1,389 1,481 eliminated
    Electorate: 47,228   Valid: 33,596   Quota: 6,720   Turnout: 71.1%


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