Location in Nepal

Coordinates: 28°50′N 80°09′E / 28.84°N 80.15°E / 28.84; 80.15Coordinates: 28°50′N 80°09′E / 28.84°N 80.15°E / 28.84; 80.15
Country    Nepal
Zone Mahakali Zone
District Kanchanpur District
Population (2011)
  Total 21 959
Time zone NST (UTC+5:45)

Beldandi is a municipality in Kanchanpur District in the Mahakali Zone of south-western Nepal named after the former Village Development Committee. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census the VDC had a population of 9301 people living in 1483 individual households. According to Nepal census 2011 the municipality had 3022 individual households and a population of 21 959.

The main attraction in Beldandi are the local Tharu dance Gaura Festival and some night parties. In the education there is a higher secondary school called Rauleshwar reputated in the local area. The main shopping places are Chawanni and Beldani bazaar, those are small town that supply daily life goods.

Educational institutions

There are few renowned name of education institutes in local area, others are private boarding schools that set up recently. Following are the names of those are famous in Beldandi.

1-Rauleshwar Higher Secondary School

2-Ganesh HS School

3-Trichandra High school

4- Sandesh Mulyimedia Gallery


The local economy mainly based on agriculture and few with business and service. Rice, wheat, corn and different other crops are grown in there. Local farmers lack the modern knowledge of farming so can't get a good harvest.

Business Areas:-

1-Chawanni Bazaar

2-Beldandi Bazaar

Health centers

Gov. Health Post Beldandi Various private clinics in Beldandi bazaar and Chawanni

Local culture and religion

Most of the local people believe in Hinduism so their customs mainly influenced by the Hinduism rituals. The local culture mainly depend upon the ethnic groups living in the place. in spite of residence of different ethnic group this area has quite mixed cultures and traditions. The local Tharu people usually have their own vast area of traditions while others are migrated from the hilly region of the country.


The transportation in Beldandi is mainly bus service that runs daily from Mahendranagar to Sreepur. The local transportation is two wheelers.[1]


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