Bekker Port

Bekker port

Bekker Port seen from Stroomi Beach in Pelguranna
Country Estonia
Location Kopli, Tallinn
Coordinates 59°27′14″N 24°40′03″E / 59.45389°N 24.66750°E / 59.45389; 24.66750Coordinates: 59°27′14″N 24°40′03″E / 59.45389°N 24.66750°E / 59.45389; 24.66750
Opened 1913
Operated by Tallinn Bekker Port Ltd.
Size of harbor 336,300 square metres (33.63 ha)
Land area 141,171 square metres (14.1171 ha)
Available berths 4
Vessel arrivals 281 vessels (2011) [1]
Annual cargo tonnage 562,331.349 tonnes (2011) [1]

Bekker Port (Estonian: Bekkeri sadam) is a seaport situated in Kopli, Tallinn, Estonia, located on the northeastern coast of the Kopli Bay (part of the Tallinn Bay).

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