Beit Mikra

Beit Mikra  
Discipline Hebrew Bible
Language Hebrew
Publication details
World Jewish Bible Center (Israel)
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0005-979X
LCCN a62001461
OCLC no. 717051676

Beit Mikra: Journal for the Study of the Bible and Its World, also known as Bet Mikra and Beth Mikra (Hebrew: בית מקרא), is a Hebrew language journal about the Hebrew Bible. It is published by the World Jewish Bible Center.

Beit Mikra was founded by Ben Zion Luria as the Hebrew-language publication of the Israel Society for Biblical Research, which later became the Israeli branch of the World Jewish Bible Society.[1] (The Jewish Bible Quarterly was later established as the World Jewish Bible Society's English-language journal.) After a reorganization in 1989, the Israel Society for Biblical Research was reduced to publishing Beit Mikra "on a miserly (and often delayed) grant from the Ministry of Education."[2]


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