Bei River

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Bei River
Physical characteristics
Length 63.34 km (39.36 mi)
  • Average rate:
    1,216 cubic metres per second (42,900 cu ft/s)[1]

Bei River (北江;, pinyin: Běi Jiāng, jyutping: Baak1 Gong1, literally "North River") is the northern tributary of the Pearl River in southern China. The other two main tributaries of the Pearl River are the Xijiang River and the Dongjiang River.

The Bei River is 63.34 kilometres (39.36 mi) long and is located in northern Guangdong.

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Coordinates: 23°08′43″N 112°48′54″E / 23.14528°N 112.81500°E / 23.14528; 112.81500

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