Beenleigh railway line

Beenleigh line
Type Commuter Rail
Status Open
Termini Park Road
Stations 22
Services 8
Owner Queensland Rail
Operator(s) Queensland Rail
Line length 41.595 km (25.846 mi)
Track length 41.595 km (25.846 mi)
Number of tracks 3
Track gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Operating speed 0 km/h (0 mph)

The Beenleigh railway line is a suburban railway line extending 40.1 km (24.9 mi) east-southeast from Brisbane Central railway station, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. It is part of the Queensland Rail City network.


Passengers, leaving the New South Wales Railways carriage on the right side, transferring to a Queensland train on the left at Clapham Junction, Moorooka, probably during WW2
First train to Sydney passing Fairfield, 1930
NSWR loco 8025 and another haul the Sydney bound 'Brisbane Limited' past the former Gloucester Road station site, 1987
QR loco 2400 hauls an empty Sunlander consist through Yeronga station (in order to turn the train), 1987. The station has since been replaced with a brick structure
NSWR loco 44216 and another haul the northbound 'Brisbane Limited' across the Corinda line at Yeerongpilly, 1987
QR loco 2493 hauls a short container train across the Standard Gauge line to Sydney at Yeerongpilly station, 1987. Note the Standard Gauge loco shed in the background.
QR EMU unit 07 in original colour scheme on a Beenleigh bound train at Rocklea, ~1987. Note the dual gauge rail on the third line
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The Beenleigh railway line opened in 1885[1] being the first section of the South Coast line which was opened beyond Beenleigh to Southport in 1889.

The original city terminus of the line was Stanley St South Brisbane, until a dual track line was constructed from Dutton Park to South Brisbane opposite the Victoria Bridge opening in 1891.[2]

The railway originally followed Fairfield Road between Dutton Park and Yeronga. Following the 1893 Brisbane flood, the Fairfield Deviation realigned the route above the flood level onto the current alignment.[3] The line from Dutton Park to Yeerongpilly was duplicated at the same time.

The standard gauge line from Sydney, NSW which opened in 1930 was built parallel to the line from Salisbury to South Brisbane.

The section from Yeerongpilly to Kuraby was duplicated between 1950-52.[4]

With increasing popularity of the motor car, the South Coast line was closed beyond Beenleigh in 1964.

The opening of the Merivale Bridge in 1978 connected the Beenleigh (and Cleveland) line to the Brisbane CBD, and the line was electrified in 1982. The Merivale Bridge was converted to dual gauge in 1986 and standard gauge passenger trains now terminate at Roma St.

The Gold Coast line was progressively rebuilt on a new alignment south of Beenleigh from 1996. The section from Kuraby to Beenleigh was duplicated in association with the re-establishment of the Gold Coast line in 1995. The standard gauge line was converted to dual gauge and electrified at the same time, and the third line was extended from Salisbury to Kuraby in 2008.

Line guide and services

Most services stop at all stations to Roma Street railway station. The typical travel time between Beenleigh and Brisbane City is approximately 59 minutes (to Central). During weekday peak times, a few services may skip stations between Altandi and Park Road for faster travel times for commuters working in the Brisbane central business district.

Beenleigh line services typically continue as Ferny Grove line services.

Passengers for/from the Gold Coast line change at either South Bank, Coopers Plains, Loganlea or Beenleigh; Cleveland line change at Park Road; Ipswich and Rosewood lines at Roma Street; and all other lines at Central.

Beenleigh railway line
showing distance from Central and ticket zone

Airtrain, Caboolture, Doomben, Ferny Grove, Sunshine Coast, Shorncliffe lines
2.7 km Bowen Hills(1)
Exhibition line
1.3 km Fortitude Valley(1)
0.0 km CENTRAL(1)
0.8 km Roma Street(1)
Exhibition line
Ipswich & Rosewood line
Pacific Motorway
Brisbane River
2.6 km South Brisbane(1)
3.5 km South Bank(1)
4.3 km Gloucester Street (closed)
5.1 km Park Road(1/2)
Port of Brisbane standard gauge line flyover
(Up arrow Wooloongabba line (closed))
Cleveland line
QR Services Depot
5.9 km Dutton Park(2)
Fairfield (original)
7.1 km Fairfield (current)(2)
8.5 km Yeronga(2)
9.3 km Yeerongpilly(2/3)
Tennyson line (to Ipswich line)
10.6 km Moorooka(3)
Clapham (freight depot)
11.6 km Rocklea(3)
Pradella Sidings (standard gauge)
Nyanda (closed) (Left arrow Brisbane Blue Metal Company branch (closed))
13.0 km Salisbury(3)
To Brisbane Multi-User Terminal (freight); Interstate line to Sydney
15.2 km Coopers Plains(3/4)
16.7 km Banoon(4)
17.6 km Sunnybank(4)
18.6 km Altandi(4)
19.8 km Runcorn(4)
20.0 km Tarragun (closed)
21.2 km Fruitgrove(4/5)
Gateway Motorway
22.5 km Kuraby(5)
25.8 km Trinder Park(5)
26.8 km Woodridge(5)
29.5 km Kingston(5/6)
Logan Motorway
32.2km Loganlea(6)
Logan River
35.2 km Bethania(6/7)
Beaudesert line
36.9 km Edens Landing(7)
39.1 km Holmview(7)
39.2 km Holm's Halt (closed)
39.6 km Hawthorne (closed)
40.1 km BEENLEIGH(7/8)
South Coast line (1889-1964), Gold Coast line (1996-present)


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