Bedwyr Williams

Bedwyr Williams (born 1974) is a Welsh artist. His work combines installation and stand-up comedy.[1]


He studied at St Martins School of Art and Ateliers, Arnhem.[2]

In 2004 he won a Paul Hamlyn Award for the Visual Arts[3] and in 2005 he was Welsh artist-in-residence at the Venice Biennale.[4]

He was shortlisted for the Beck's Futures prize in 2006.[5] His work Walk a Mile in My Shoes was a rack of 41 pairs of size 13 shoes.[6]

In 2011 Williams won the Gold Medal for Fine Art at the National Eisteddfod of Wales for his mixed media sculptures and artworks, including carved wellington boots filled with straw.[7]

His 2011 Lionheart & Lightsout brass sculpture was installed in Swansea Kingsway by Locws international’s Art Across the City event.[8] The sculpture commemorates two Swansea cage fighter dressed in drag on a night out, who were assaulted. The subsequent fight was documented on CCTV and became an internet hit in 2009.[9]


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