Beauty and the Beast (1983 film)

Beauty and the Beast

Front cover of the Danish DVD for
Beauty and the Beast
Directed by Nils Malmros
Produced by Per Holst
Written by Nils Malmros
Starring Line Arlien-Søborg
Jesper Klein
Music by Gunner Møller Pedersen
Cinematography Jan Weincke
Edited by Birger Møller Jensen
Distributed by Kærne Film
Release dates
November 11, 1983
Running time
90 minutes
Country Denmark
Language Danish

Beauty and the Beast (Danish: Skønheden og udyret) is a 1983 Danish drama film written and directed by Nils Malmros. The film stars Line Arlien-Søborg as a sexually active 16-year-old and Jesper Klein as the father who struggles to accept his daughter's relationships with boys as well as his own jealousy. Malmros, who had worked with the young Arlien-Søborg on his coming-of-age drama, Tree of Knowledge, wrote the role of the daughter specifically for her.[1]


Actor Role
Line Arlien-Søborg Mette
Jesper Klein Father
Merete Voldstedlund Mother
Carsten Jörgensen Jønne
Eva Gram Schjoldager Drude
Brian Theibel Mini
Jan Johansen Lars
Michael Nørgaard Jønne's friend
Lone Elliot Søsser
Ib Tardini Man outside bar
Hans Otto Hjort Hansen Bouncer
Pia Bodal Girl outside bar
Svend Schmidt-Nielsen

Awards and nominations

Both Arlien-Søborg and Klein won the 1984 Bodil and Robert awards for acting. Beauty and the Beast received the 1984 Bodil Award for Best Danish Film and Robert Award for Film of the Year. The film was entered into the 34th Berlin International Film Festival.[2]


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