Beatrice of Burgundy, Lady of Bourbon

For other people named Beatrice of Bourbon, see Beatrice of Bourbon.
For other people named Beatrice of Burgundy, see Beatrice of Burgundy.
Beatrice of Burgundy

Beatrice of Burgundy
Spouse(s) Robert, Count of Clermont
Noble family Burgundy
Father John of Burgundy
Mother Agnes of Dampierre
Born 1257
Died 1 October 1310(1310-10-01)

Beatrice of Burgundy (1257 October 1, 1310) was Lady of Bourbon and, through her mother, heiress of all Bourbon estates. She was the daughter of John of Burgundy (son of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy) and Agnes of Dampierre. In 1272 Beatrice married Robert, Count of Clermont and their eldest son Louis I, le Boiteux became the first Duke of Bourbon. It is through her that her distant male descendants of the French House of Bourbon get their name.

Robert and Beatrice had the following children:

Physical Appearance

Ottone and Acerbo Morena in their Historia Frederici I described Beatrice as "[O]f medium height, her hair shone like gold, her face most beautiful..."[1]


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