Bavarian Congregation

The Bavarian Congregation is a congregation of the Benedictine Confederation consisting (with one exception) of monasteries in Bavaria, Germany.

It was founded on 26 August 1684 by Pope Innocent XI (1676-1689).

First Congregation

Until the secularisation of Bavaria in 1803 the following abbeys belonged to the congregation:

All these monasteries were dissolved in 1803, however, and the congregation lapsed at that point.

Second Congregation

The congregation was re-established by Pope Pius IX on 5 February 1858, comprising to begin with three monasteries re-founded by Ludwig I of Bavaria: Metten; St. Boniface's Abbey, Munich, with Andechs Priory; and Weltenburg.

As of 2013 the members of the congregation, with the dates when they joined the congregation where known, were:

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