Battle of Wisniowiec

Battle of Wisniowiec
Part of the Crimean–Nogai raids into East Slavic lands

April 28, 1512
DateApril 28, 1512
LocationNear Lopushne village in Ternopil Oblast
Result Polish-Lithuanian victory
Kingdom of Poland
Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Crimean Tatars
Commanders and leaders
Mikołaj Kamieniecki
Konstanty Ostrogski
Meñli I Giray
Unknown 30,000
Casualties and losses
1,000 Unknown

The Battle of Wisniowiec (also known as the Battle of Lopuszno) took place on 28 April 1512.

The combined Polish–Lithuanian forces under Grand Crown Hetman Mikołaj Kamieniecki and Grand Lithuanian Hetman Konstanty Ostrogski defeated the raid of the Crimean Tatars. The battle was fought in Lopushne near Wisniowiec.[1]


Coordinates: 49°45′N 25°53′E / 49.750°N 25.883°E / 49.750; 25.883

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