Battle of Wischau

Battle of Wischau
Part of the War of the Third Coalition
Date25 November 1805
LocationWischau, Moravia, present-day Czech Republic
Result Russian victory
France French Empire Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Frédéric Henri Walther Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle Prince Pyotr Bagration
1,400 24,000
Casualties and losses
unclear, Imperial Eagle and Guidon (11th Dragoons) unclear

The Battle of Wischau occurred on 25 November 1805, between the Russian and French armies. The conflict resulted in a minor Russian success. It followed the action at Hollabrun and Schöngrabern, and preceded the Battle of Austerlitz. The relatively easy Russian victory convinced the Third Coalition Allies that the French army would be easy to beat, having reached the end of their supply and communication lines, and having suffered several losses in previous weeks of fighting.

Orders of Battle

French forces

Total: 20 squadrons, 12 guns, approximately 1400 men.

11th Dragoons lost an Imperial Eagle and a guidon during the fight.

Russian forces

Advanced Guard

Total: 12 battalions, 35 squadrons, and 8 sotnias, 24 guns, approximately 12,000 men.


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