Battle of Tatarahama (1569)

Battle of Tatarahama
Part of the Sengoku period
LocationTatarahama, on Hakata Bay, Fukuoka, Japan
Result Ōtomo victory
forces of Ōtomo Sōrin forces of Mōri Motonari
Commanders and leaders
Ōtomo Sōrin
Bekki Akitsura
Usuki Akisumi
Yoshihiro Akimasa
Mōri Motonari
Kikkawa Motoharu
Kobayakawa Takakage

The 1569 battle of Tatarahama was part of the struggles between the Ōtomo and Mōri samurai clans during Japan's Sengoku period, for control of the island of Kyūshū.

The battle took place in the aftermath of a successful siege by the Mōri of the Ōtomo's Tachibana castle, which sat just outside the boundaries of today's Fukuoka City.

The two armies met on the shores of Hakata Bay, at Tatarahama,[1] but were evenly matched, and both retreated.

In order to end the deadlock, the Ōtomo made an alliance with the Amago clan. The Mōri clan's battles with this larger allied force occupied it to such an extent that Yamanaka Yukimori and Amago Katsuhisa, as part of their arrangement with the Ōtomo, were able to take Izumo province, some distance away on Honshū, and that the Mōri became pressured into abandoning Tachibana.


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