Battle of Tampere

Battle of Tampere
Part of the Finnish Civil War

The Tammela neighborhood after the battle
DateMarch 8 - April 6, 1918
LocationTampere, Finland
Result Decisive White victory
White Guard Red Guard
Commanders and leaders
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim Hugo Salmela 
1,000 Swedish volunteers
Casualties and losses
600 killed[1] and 1,200 wounded
339 captured
2,000 killed[1] and 6,000 wounded
10,000 - 11,000 captured[1][2]

The Battle of Tampere, also known as the Siege of Tampere, was a conflict fought in Tampere, Finland, during the Finnish Civil War. It was fought between the White and Red Guards. The White forces besieged and captured the main city of the Red Guards, Tampere, taking around 10,000 Red prisoners.[2] As of the year of 1918 the Battle of Tampere was the bloodiest conflict to have occurred during the history of Finland. [3] This was the world's largest, organized modern urban battle at the time. All previous urban battles were smaller, lacked use of modern weaponry or were less organized. Year after this, the Russians claimed this title during Defense of Petrograd, having more men while also fielding few tanks in addition to other modern weaponry.


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Coordinates: 61°30′N 23°45′E / 61.500°N 23.750°E / 61.500; 23.750

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