Battle of Sulci

Battle of Sulci
Part of the First Punic War
Date258 BC
Locationnear Sulci, Sardinia
Result Roman victory
Roman Republic Carthage
Commanders and leaders
Gaius Sulpicius Paterculus Hannibal Gisco

The Battle of Sulci was a naval battle fought in 258 BC between the Roman and Carthaginian navies on the coast near the town of Sulci, Sardinia. It was a minor Roman victory, obtained by consul Gaius Sulpicius Paterculus. The battle was small-scale and the Carthaginian loss was negligible.

Coordinates: 39°04′00″N 8°27′00″E / 39.0667°N 8.4500°E / 39.0667; 8.4500

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