Battle of Stromboli

Battle of Stromboli
Part of the Franco-Dutch War

The Combat against the Dutchs and the Spaniards at Stromboli Jean Antoine Gudin. Oil on Canvas. (1854)
Date8 January 1676
LocationNear Stromboli (present-day Italy)
Result indecisive
 United Provinces
Commanders and leaders
Michiel de Ruyter Abraham Duquesne
19 ships of the line 20 ships of the line
Casualties and losses
1 ship lost , 80 killed 400 killed

The naval Battle of Stromboli took place on 8 January 1676 during the Franco-Dutch War between a French fleet of 20 ships under Abraham Duquesne and a combined fleet of 19 Dutch and one Spanish ship under Lieutenant-Admiral-General Michiel de Ruyter that lasted eight hours and ended inconclusively. The fleets fought again at the Battle of Augusta.

Order of battle

France (Duquesne)

large convoy (The information above is about the First Battle of Stromboli on 11 February 1675)

Avant-garde (Preuilly d'Humières)

Corps de bataille (Duquesne)

Arriere-garde (Gabaret)

Netherlands/Spain (Michiel de Ruyter)

First Squadron

Possibly should be 1 more large Dutch ship


    Coordinates: 38°32′15″N 14°25′26″E / 38.5375°N 14.4239°E / 38.5375; 14.4239

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