Battle of Rio de Janeiro (1558)

Battle of Rio de Janeiro
Part of France Antarctique

Map of France Antarctique in the Guanabara Bay, 1555.
LocationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Result Portuguese victory
Henriville destroyed
Portuguese Empire  France
Tamoyo allies
Commanders and leaders
Mem de Sá Bois-le-Comte
260 men 1150 men
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Rio de Janeiro was a battle in 1558 on the French town at Rio de Janeiro, called Henriville. The Portuguese, though in far smaller numbers, defeated the French and made them flee to the jungle. The French town was then burnt by Mem de Sá, the Portuguese governor.


Further information: France Antarctique

Year before, Villegagnon and his friend and comrade, Admiral Coligny, managed to build a fort in the area of modern-day Rio de Janeiro to which they called Fort Goligny. Calling Henriville to the town, the French grew in size and power and became a serious threat to the Portuguese establishment in Brazil.


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