Battle of Rathangan

Battle of Rathangan
Part of the United Irishmen Rebellion
Date24–28 May 1798
LocationRathangan, County Kildare
Result United Irish victory, rebels repulsed 28 May
United Irishmen Kingdom of Great Britain British Army
Commanders and leaders
Captain Doorley Captain James Spencer
Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Mahon
Casualties and losses
300 dead 20 dead

The Battle of Rathangan is the name given to a military engagement between the forces of the British Crown and the United Irishmen during the 1798 rebellion.

On 24 May 1798 a group of rebels from the United Irishmen led by a Captain Doorley attacked the town of Rathangan, County Kildare which was being defended by a small corps of yeomanry led by Captain James Spencer; the rebels held the town for four days.[1] However, on 28 May 1798 two squadrons of the 7th Dragoon Guards were sent to re-capture the town. The commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Mahon, took one squadron into the town while the other waited outside. A pitched battle then took place with heavy losses on both sides.[2]


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