Battle of Moncontour

Battle of Moncontour

Battle of Moncontour, 1569.
Date3 October 1569
LocationMoncontour, Vienne
near Poitiers, France
Result Catholic Victory
Catholics French Huguenot forces
Commanders and leaders
Henry Duke of Anjou
Gaspard Saulx-Tavannes
Gaspard de Coligny;
Count Vollrad of Mansfeld;
Count Louis of Nassau
12,000 Infantry;
7,000 Cavalry
18,000 Infantry;
9,000 Cavalry
Casualties and losses
600 (questionable) 6000

The Battle of Moncontour occurred on 3 October 1569 between the Catholic forces of King Charles IX of France and the Huguenots during the "Third War" (1568-1570) of the French Wars of Religion.

The battle

Coligny broke off the Siege of Poitou,[1] and joined with German allies, moved south, after the French were reinforced with mercenaries.

Henry, Duke of Anjou, attacked before Coligny could join with Gabriel, comte de Montgomery. The Swiss pikemen shattered the Huguenot landsknechts.[2] 8,000 Huguenots surrendered.


Coligny regrouped, marched east into the Rhone and marched on Paris.[3]

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